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March 2009  The hotel became an only authorized hotel foreign currency exchange in Wujiang

 February 15, 2009  The hotel officially developed the activity of “Hongkong-Cantonese Afternoon Tea”

February 4, 2009  The hotel carried out the activity as the night of “Romantic Valentine’s Day” in Parkview Western Restaurant in the first floor.

January 23, 2009  The hotel held Dyna Sun Spring Festival Temple Fair in Chao's Chinese Restaurant in the fourth floor.

January 21, 2009  The hotel held Year 2009 Annual Staff Gathering Meeting in Shengdian Hall in the fifth floor.

January 1, 2009  The hotel officially received the first guests (birthday banquet of Wujiang Weicheng M&E Co., Ltd.)

December 23, 2008  The project of Wujiang Dyna Sun International Hotel was completed.

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