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 “Anxi Tieguanyin Group”, located at the fourth floor in the hotel, is a comprehensive tea group specially engaged in the production, processing, sales, research as well as promotion of tea culture. It has been an outstanding leader in the same trade in the field of the study on further processing technique and technology of Oolong tea, product quality and safety inspection, brand establishment etc., mainly engaged in five series of Tieguanyin products – faint fragrance, charming fragrance, crusted fragrance, aged fragrance and healthcare etc.      
Faint Fragrance Series: this product is the superior product of Chinese famous tea – Anxi Tieguanyin. It has strong fragrance and lasts long with fresh flower scent. It tastes mellow and sweet. The tea soup looks golden green, clear and bright.
Charming Fragrance Series: this tea leaf is fermented sufficiently and has a pure traditional smell with the tastes of “strong, charming, moist and special”. It has high fragrance and good sweetness with sufficient charms.
Strong Fragrance Series: this product tastes especially pure, thick, sweet and smooth with the remaining fragrance under the leaves. It can be infused for several times. This tea is mild and can stop thirstiness, produces saliva, warm your stomach and strengthen your spleen.
Crusted Fragrance: this product is the superior tea among Tieguanyin series with the taste of “pure, smooth, clear and fresh”. It is deposited with great amount of essence. It has strong fragrance and everlasting sweetness and pureness.

Healthcare Series: it belongs to healthcare products and has functions on the drop of fat, internal heat and pressure, removal of oiliness, nerve soothing, stomach strengthening, digestion, weight losing etc. No cold storage is required and it is suitable for drinking before sleeping.

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