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Please select the room type you want to order, Please tick before the room types you want and then click the reservation if you need to order several different types of rooms!

Please select one of the following rooms:

Select Room Name Retail Price Online booking pric
Deluxe Twin Room 1380元+15% 548元
Executive VIP room 1580元+15% 700元
Deluxe VIP Room 2580元+15% 1160元
Business Suit 2380元+15% 1000元
Deluxe Suit 3080元+15% 1300元
Executive Suit 3280元+15% 1480元
President Suite 15800元+15% 12328元
Deluxe Family 2380元+15% 1000元
①, The above online reservation price has included 15% service charge.
②, The above market price includes Chinese-style and western self-served breakfast for maximum two portions.
③, The prices except market price is free of 15% service charge.
④, The selling price of self-served breakfast is RMB88/person.

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Car Rental
Please call 86-512-63928888 for the detailed preferential rental prices of luxurious cars
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